My free photowork differs from documentary works to experimental and artistic. Every work has a story background, a subject that my photography deals with and often comes with an intense research. I'll try to give a short overview and insight of what each project is about.


One of the things in photography that I became very passionate about is the editing of photobooks. Since the second semester of my early photography studies it became one of my most valued forms of telling a story and finishing a project. A photobook is not only a product and choice of media form. It is a piece of art work - like a silent haptic film work that allows you to unwind in your own chosen tempo. I've become faszinated of the very different kind of bindings. Almost all of my books are bound very carefully by myself - the chosen technique matching the project. 


Lately my interest in photography shiftet a little and my desire to learn new techniques gain the upper hand. So in my newest project I left photography behind and made my first big step into photogrammetry and 3D animation.


Have fun exploring and feel free to contact for further information or exchange.

More Matter, 2022

More Matter


Coming soon!

Since 2021 I am working on a larger project based on my former works "what matters?" and "something dark". Once more I am investigating in astronomical research, talking to astro physicists and trying to translate my questions, my thoughts, my interests in a creative form. 

This work emerged from my occupation with data images in science of invisible phenomena and the gap between images and reality.

Something Dark, 2020/2021

Something Dark


My fascination for the universes mysteries led me to a journey to the biggest earth bounded telescoped of our planet in Chile. In this project I am dealing with the exploration of invisible phenomena such as dark matter. I liked the idea of imagining the search for dark matter as if it was a person that was missing. It shifted the viewpoint on that research and gave it a more personal aspect, a more vital grasp.


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ALLES WIRD GUT, 2018/2019



This series is about funeral rites and traditions in germany. With portraits, still images and impressions of funeral places I discover the handling in our society with death and loss.

My research led me among other things to funeral directors, florists, funeral orators, columbarium churches, mourning escorts, burial forests and crematoriums.

what matters?, 2017

what matters?


This work is about a photographic trip inspired by an interview with astrophysicist Carlos J.A.P. Martins from Portugal. In this book I combine poetic quotes from Carlos with alternated images of mine that create a world of thoughts - an invitation to give free rein to your associations.


Legenda Aurea, 2015




Legenda Aurea


A journey to Georgia, the Kharagauli Nationalpark near Borjomi. I met a group of adolescent locals on horses and joined them on their trip. It is the St. Georges day, a special day for Georgians who worship the saint all over Georgia. Every year on St. George's Day, my travel companions go on a pilgrimage to a tiny chapel on the highest mountain in Borjomis National Park. 

My book interweaves the Saints story with the wild adolescent trip that is full of lives joy.

Zu Gast bei Gästen, 2015



Zu Gast bei Gästen


In early 2015 the whole refugee subject was still in the beginning of becoming a major crisis. There was new asylum home for refugees in my hometown and through a friend I got in contact with a group of Syrian boys aged 20 to 30. I went to visit them on a regular basis spending most of the time in the tiny living room that has become their major living space. They spent most of their time there.

Respecting their wishes I am unfortunately not able to show pictures of their faces.